Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Ulcjni 09.08.2008

or how we're resting and thinking about the next destinations...

We've been to Ulcinj since 2 days now. I need to admit that outside the centre the city is not so tiring and noisy. From time to time the Muslim prayers leave the white walls of mosques and spread around the city, poor Albanian families cross the street, beggars ask for money, wonderful smell comes from bakeries and a fruit stalls are attacked by flies and other insects:)We still haven't visited the beach and it seems we won't visit it soon. We'd rather go to the coast near the place we live, in the suburbs. I don't think I want to visit the beach in the centre, it's totally unfriendly.

The prices are bit lower than in other cities on the coast, a lot of Poles come here and everywhere near the main road you can meet people advertising their rooms and apartments. Very often they just hold a small board with "Sobe/Dhoma/ Rooms/Zimmer" written on it or they put a board with the word „Apartaments” e.g. near their motorcycle.. And we landed up in a room of a really nice family. The owner knows only few words in English, but we understand each other very well. I was even a translator for our French friends, living next doors who don't know a word in Serbian. (Well, to be honest, I don't speak Serbian at all - it's just a mix of few Serbian words and Russian:). Yesterday the woman (the owner) treated us with fresh figs from her garden and cooked corn, she showed us an hedgehog hiding behind a flowerpot and wanted to give us some tomatoes from her garden . But we had been to a shop before and bought already some vegetables. Then she kept on talking about her sons, Polish friends and were asking about our further journey. So, the evening passed quite pleasantly and maybe today we'll also have a chance to find out more details about Montenegrin life.

(Oh, when more thing. I've just recalled a story that the Ambassador or Consul - cos' I don't really know who he was - the one who took us to Hercegnovi. So, he said that many years ago few Afroamericans came to Ulcinj and till now their descendants live in the city. But sometimes they get White kinds, sometimes not. . So now, when a girl is dating somebody, the family often warn a man that if his child has a different coulour of skin than their parents, it doesn't mean that the mother was unfaithful....)

Today we want to visit the Old Town, but now we're still looking for another places worth visiting. Because our plans have changed again. Michał doesn't want to hitch-hike anymore, especially to Albania. He claims it's too dangerous. So we need to find a compromise. . Tomorrow we 're going to Shkadar by bus and then coming back to Ulcinj. The we're starting our journey back home, stopping by in the Montenegrin mountains, Bosnia, maybe Hungary or Romania. And Michał also doesn't want to hitch-hike back home, so I'm afraid we'll have to travel the half of the way on a train. And the other half - hitch-hiking. We still don't know if we manage to realize our plan and climb to the highest peak in the country. Michał claims we're not prepared enough to do it, I claim we'll be fine :) For the moment we're just resting in Ulcinj, enjoying our time, variety of fruits, possibility to use the kitchen (it's been ages since we last had such luxury) and we're discovering new eccentricity of the Albanian-Montenegrin area...